Orion Weiss
One speech is worth a thousand words

I wrote and said a speech at CIM's Preparatory Commencement not long ago

Hello ladies and germs! Just kidding, that's not how it began. Here is the actual speech:

I'm so happy to be here, and so honored [2013 Distinguished Alumni Award] to be acknowledged in this way. Thank you, President Smirnoff and Dean Shapiro!

I can honestly say that if I had not…

The State of Classical Music Today
A friend called me this morning asking me what I thought of the state of classical music in the world today. And do you know what I said? Nothing.
Buying TOYS as an adult: (not adult toys though).
Buying TOYS as an adult: (not adult toys though). New speakers.
The New Neighborhood
I live in a new neighborhood now. This major life shift happened almost without ceremony. The movers just did their job and I followed them.
New Jersey Wolf
Had an incredible adventure today (a week ago actually, but I'm going for visceral immediacy here) and was nearly eaten by a wolf in New Jersey.
I have just arrived, loyal reader, in Reno, Nevada, a city not too far from Lake Tahoe, fairly far from New York, high up in the desert mountains, where one can gamble if one likes or play in a chamber music festival if one is invited to do so.
My new running technique is unstoppable! It's also killing me, but I plan to stick with it, until I'm either 100 percent crippled, or fully metamorphosed into a super hero.
That Floating Feeling
I'm staying in a casino. There's a strangeness to life in a casino. You sort of cease to exist inside a casino, you float.
A Soda Can of Axle Grease
Just a quick note on how bad the new and only Thai restaurant in our neighborhood is.
Reviews, Reviews, Reviews.
And this brings us to an interesting problem in the world of performers: Reviews. Reviews, reviewers, reviews, reviews. That's about as succinct as I can be. Let's see if I can expound a little.