Orion Weiss
That Floating Feeling


I'm staying in a casino. There's a strangeness to life in a casino. You sort of cease to exist inside a casino, you float. It's not a bad feeling. There is floor-to-ceiling carpeting so you can't hear your footsteps, you can't hear conversations over the background music and the jingling of the slot machines, and the air-conditioning - which is as loud as the north wind operating a blow torch - makes you unable to hear your thoughts. The lighting is jinxed somehow to make you feel that it is continuously and infinitely 2 o'clock in the morning. I went down for breakfast and immediately felt that I shouldn't be up so late. The whole place is filled with an excited energy hovering somewhere between "we're just about to have a great time" and "Iā€™m going to be sick." That's the line I try to walk in my everyday life as well! I'm sure it's the line we're going to toe when we transition from this dreamland devoid of fresh air and sunlight to camping ā€“ outdoors ā€“ in Zion National Park later this week. What are we going to do? It's going to be freezing! It seemed like a great idea back in September, when I hadn't felt cold for 4 months. Now that winter's given us a little taste of its icy knives, forks, and spoons in New York I'm feeling a little trepidation. We're going to be camping in a tent! Outdoors! Have you been outdoors?