Orion Weiss
Buying TOYS as an adult: (not adult toys though).


Buying TOYS as an adult: (not adult toys though). New speakers. These are the things listened to so far on my new Dali Evidence 870 Speakers (all from a minuscule mostly gift-based CD collection). These speakers ROCK. Oh my goodness. Do you have good speakers? You have to get some. It'll change your whole perspective. These ones go up to twelve. Eminem: The Eminem Show (favorite and only CD from Juilliard); Sergei Babayan: Scarlatti Sonatas (favorite CD from teendom); Mahler: Symphony No. 4 (favorite symphony from when I grew up in Vienna); Leonard Cohen: Songs From A Room (favorite from nostalgia over listening to Scarlatti all my teendom); Bill Evans: Bill Evans (a gift from Bill Evans (regift, somebody gave it to him, he had it already, gave it to me)); Ballades: Chopin (found on street); Rudolf Serkin: 2-and-a-half Beethoven concertos (came with a summer sausage in a holiday basket, really good); Brad Melhdau: Elegiac Cycle (cried a little here); Big Fish: The Soundtrack (cried a little here too, this movie has my number. that's 3 times it's got me. didn't even know I had the soundtrack).