Orion Weiss
A Soda Can of Axle Grease


Just a quick note on how bad the new and only Thai restaurant in our neighborhood is. Quick because I have to wake up in four hours to go to Atlanta, but this restaurant is really bad. I mean, the food isn't good. It tastes terrible and looks laughable. They don't even fill up the delivery containers, they arrive half full, looking like somebody had been nibbling but passed it on to the delivery guy after they'd had enough. They're really stingy with the rice too, and it looks sad and lonely clinging to the bottom of its carton. And everything really tastes terrible, or at least not good. I feel slightly sick after eating it, in the same way each time, like I've accidentally swallowed a soda can of axle grease (along with the can). So why do I keep ordering Thai from there? Because it's the only one in the neighborhood, and human beings need Thai food. That's Isaac Asimov's 3rd or 4th law of what humans need. I think I'll keep ordering from them, but from now on I'll give the delivery guy disappointed and angry looks when I answer the door. He'll get the hint, ‘cause people are usually so excited to get delivery.